What would be a great prank?


How about pranking your best friend with a fake rap beef? or do you know somebody that has a birthday coming up soon? They’ll make you a birthday rap song and music video!

Seriously for $5 dollars worth you’ll get something priceless! Here on broadcastking we have some of the best gigs to get for your friends and family.

Here I’ve compiled a list of some of the best services offered on broadcastking.

Keep in mind, some of these gigs are just not limited to rapping, but if you have a product or need a review they’ll gladly do it, just ask before ordering!

Remember If you are not satisfied we’ll refund your money back!



1. Elmo will create you a rap music video

Hilarious…yes?  Add insult to injury with Elmo making fun of your best friend or wife….or  your ex-girlfriend!.

Elmo has your back!

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2. HDFlatbeats Will Rap A 16 Line Verse Song About Anything You Want

Seriously, He’ll rapp about anything you want

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3. Zet Will make you rap song

Zet is ready to go

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4. Dr. Puppet Rap

Dr puppet just got his PhD.

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5. Birthday Rap song

Get your hit song now! Check out our video above for a quick sample of what we’ll do for you!

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6. J.P. Rap Gig

J.P Will make your very own custom rap video!

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7. Grandpa Puppet

Grandpa Puppet is at it again!

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8. Grand Pacino

The Don is back!

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9. Officer puppet

Please no illegal things

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10. Tfowler Gig

Rapper P and B Rock will create your lyrics & make you a Birthday Rap Song for $5.

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Honorable Mentions

HDflat will Create You A Custom Instrumental

HDFlat will Create An Original 30 Second Jingle, Song, Loop

Girl Puppet Will sing you an anniversary song to your Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Dr. puppet will sing a Anniversary song to that special someone

T Fowler Will sing you an anniversary song