BroadCastKing Terms of Services

Under these conditions we regulate services, rights, and duties between buyers and sellers aka users. Buyer/seller (Hereafter: you, customer, user(s)) MicroJob, mjob, Gig, job (hereafter: Service(s)) and (hereafter: we, us)
We facilitate a service in which anyone can create a free profile to either buy or sell services. Sellers can only post the same service once, duplicated services will be deleted. We may exercise our right to delete/terminate any user if we feel he/she has ill intentions from posting duplicate services. (IE. Trying to exploit our site)

Only registered users have the ability to sell or buy services. Registration is absolutely free. Users are restricted to only one account per person with a unique PayPal email. Using the same PayPal email address for multiple accounts could result in termination of accounts(s).

Content on this site is moderated/monitor. Any user(s) partaking in posting, messaging, or suggesting anything that acts against the site ToS(terms of service) or the law will be deleted/terminated.

Seller and Services

As stated above, only registered users can sell or buy services. With that being said, anyone selling X-Rated/Adult related material, copyrighted material, software, software licenses, warez links, forum invites, warez-like items, or any content that we deemed illegal will have their account terminated without notice. Information that is on that account (such as name, account, email, messages …etc.) might be recorded and archived in case of any legal action. We also reserve the right to decline any service(s) posted on our site.

Offers to provide users with social media likes, followers, postings(spam posting) or other similar activities are prohibited, but is not limited to offers like, “I will tweet your message to all my followers,” or “I will share your message to all of my Facebook fans” as long as it does not violate their platform’s ToS.


Buyers will pay no fees when buying on We currently only accept PayPal. After payment has been cleared from PayPal, the seller will be notified about the payment and may start on service(s). Buyers will also be notified via email if there are any changes to the status of the order. Users can also mutually cancel any orders without negatively effecting the sellers rating. If for whatever reason your order gets rejected your money will be refunded to your BroadCastKing Account, from there you can either request that we refund the amount to your PayPal account or can simply spend the funds on another order. Funds that are in your BroadCastKing account will be automatically used instead of going through PayPal Payment channel. Unfortunately if you have an amount that is currently below $5 you cannot use it towards a new order. For example: you cannot apply $2.75 from your BroadCastKing account, then pay the rest through PayPal. You may request a withdrawal through your BroadCastKing account.

Buyers and sellers identities are anonymous. Do not request or give away your email or email(s) to other users. Buyers and sellers must not offer payment outside of BroadCastKing for service(s) offered on BroadCastKing.


All services must be paid either through PayPal or your BroadCastKing account balance. The current Commission fee for any transaction on BroadCastKing is 15%, though this fee only applies to sellers and not buyers. We will also hold on to any payments, till the buyer accepts the final product. After buyer accept the delivery of service(s), funds will be released to seller’s account on BroadCastKing.


Default Delivery time on services is 7 Days, you can change delivery time to whatever you feel is necessary. If an order is past due, it will be marked as late. During this time, the buyer can request a full refund at any time at their discretion. Late Delivery can also negatively affects a sellers rating.

Quality of Delivery / Disputes (files and overall quality)

BroadCastKing will not be held liable for the quality of delivered services, and the quality of posted service(s) on our site. User(s) must wisely choose from reputable buyer(s) based on reviews and overall comments. Users have the ability to dispute any orders. If disputes are not resolved first hand between the buyer and the seller, you will have the ability to escalate this issue to us, (we). Based on the information provided by the dispute(s) we will rule on whose ever side we feel is right. Any users who file a dispute with PayPal will have their BroadCastKing account banned, and will be permanently banned from BroadCastKing.


Your funds can be withdrawn to PayPal from your BroadCastKing Account. We currently only accept PayPal at the moment. Depending on site traffic please allow anywhere from 48-72Hrs or more too fully process your withdraw request. You must have a minimum of $4.00USD to request a withdrawal of funds.

Fraudulent Buyers

We do our best to protect our sellers from fraudulent orders. We do our best but still it is possible for some Fraud to take place. When a fraudulent buyer abuses any type of chargeback, bank reclaim or any other methods, she/he will be banned from BroadCastKing and will have their account terminated without notice. Unfortunately we cannot compensate sellers for the loss. Any attempts to reclaim funds without request a refund from us, will result in account being banned.

General Terms

Content on BroadCastKing is User Generated Content, and Due to the number users/traffic, we will not check what every user uploads or creates for Violation of copyrights, trademarks or other rights. If you suspect someone is violating your copyrights please send us an Email to by selling on BroadCastKing seller agrees that his/her own uploads/Created content are owned by solely themselves and none else.

Spammers will be banned/blocked.

ToS may/will be changed to better fit our and users needs in the future. If there is a change we will notified user(s) through email, blog posts, or social media postings. It is your job to keep up with the latest changes.

If disputes are not handle between seller and buyer, you may escalate this dispute to us.

Buyer opening a dispute through PayPal can result in account termination. This is your only and final warning.

We also reserve the right to put any payments, transactions, accounts on hold or canceled them altogether based on a User(s) behavior or violation of ToS. We will also have the right to modify and of yours services at any time without notice or reason.

By signing up and registering you agree to all our Terms with no exceptions.