Through this Exclusive service, we will create an eye-catching Google Ad, and redirect traffic to your profile. We are an Ad agency that is partnered with Google, and we use our Adwords Bulk Discount to offer this service at an incredible rate. This drives organic traffic & converts folIowers, Iikes, and all around engagement. If your company or business is looking to make the most out of Instagrams marketing potential, then try our service risk free.


How does it work?

1. You provide us with a link to your Instagram.

2. We create an eye-catching Ad that redirects to your Profile.

3. We then run your campaign through Google Ad’s.

Why choose Us?

  • We are a Featured & Trusted Seller
  • We do NOT require your Login information
  • We stand by our service with a Money Back Guarantee
  • We build every campaign around each clients preference
  • We produce real results from real targeted users



May I use my account during the campaign?

  • Yes, you may continue using your account as you normally would.

Is this service safe for my account?

  • Yes, this service is safe, secure, and backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.