I will say your intro message up to 50 words, sing your Halloween Song on Video, and include a photo in your video, all for just $5 . 
Check out my Gig Extra’s to Customize your Gift even more, and remember, this is a Gift they won’t ever forget! Just take a look at my feedback!

  • -Include a Photo or Logo in your video (Free of Charge)
  • -Add your URL to the bottom of the video (Free of Charge)
  • -All audio is Professionally Mixed & Mastered
  • -All videos are delivered in 1920 x 1080 HD

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Gigging!
Producer HD-Flat
Gig Extras

  • Include up to 5 photos in your video
  • Include up to 10 photos in your video
  • Extend your intro message to 75 words
  • Extend your intro message to 100 words