Are you lacking followers? Are you lacking daily posts or daily engagement? What if I told you i would handle all that stuff for the next 30 Days? I will engage daily with targeted users, based on hashtags, location and gender! Watch as new followers, become new leads! 

30 Day Campaign

  • Target by location
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hastag 

Wait Before ordering please be aware of these things

  • I will need your USername/Password
  • Your Account must be 1 Month old 

Questions You might have:

  • Can i use my account while you are doing your thing? Yes.

Will you Unfollower my followers.

  • No.

What details should I provide before ordering?

  • We only require your login credentials
  • gender preference
  • location for targeted audience
  • hashtags. 

For Example: 

  • Username: username 
  • pwd: userpass
  • Gender: Female ONLY 
  • Location: California, LA
  • Hashtags: #LAmodel, #LAnights, #LACartist, #LAfashion