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One of the many benefits of using our services, is your domain will gain more authority in google’s eyes. This is known as Domain authority. Another benefit from using our services is your TF/CF will also be positively effected!(Trust Flow and citiation flow). It’s just a Fancy was to determine the quality of the anchor link pointed to your site. Over the years we’ve built a list of High DA sites with good CT/TF. This WILL ABSOLUTELY GAIN you MORE AUTHORITY which translate to higher rankings and more organic visitors. 


What are backlinks? 

  • Backlinks is just a fancy word for anchor links pointed to your site. 

What is DA?

  • DA is domain authority. Domain authorite is domain age, and total backlinks. 

What is CT and TF?

  • Citiation Flow is the how influential the URL is or how many sites link to it. Trust Flow is, “how trustful is this site to the user?”

Do you accept Forgien sites and keywords?

  • Yes. 

Do you accept adult content.

  • Short answer, No.