Whats being offered:

  • 30 Day Dripfeed
  • 75 Citiations
  • 75 Social Bookmarks

You might ask What is a citation backlink? Well a Local Citation is simply where your company is mentioned on other website (backlink to your google+ business site). An example of a Citation would be a link from Yelp. citation can be used to help your Google local map listing. This link provides the local map listing with a credible source (aka backlink from yelp). Citations can also be used to make your site more relevant to the Keywords you are targeting! Now with more citations you are more likely to show up for local keywords searches such Best Dentist in LA for an example. With more citations, You can drastically improve your Local and Map Rankings…Its that sample!

Whats a social Bookmark?

Well a social Bookmark is a link from a bookmarking service such a evernote or pintrest. Twitter can also be consider a social bookmark! The more you have the more social signal you send off. This tells google, “Hey, My site is active, and my content is being shared.”

So within 30 Days we’ll not only give you 75 Citations but also 75 Social bookmarks! IF you are not happy with our service we’ll gladly refund your money back no questions asked.